My love for physical therapies started very early. I felt a need to provide relief through my hands to people who really needed it, without having been trained on it. So I began my long journey to the magical place of healing in natural ways.

Getting strarted my journey into alternative medicine, I was taught various types of massage, and as I continued, I felt a particular attraction to Chinese medicine treatments. My studies in Chinese medicine took place in Athens and continued in China, the cradle of Chinese medicine. There I trained in Αcupuncture, Cupping therapy, Μoxibustion and Herbal medicine.

My deeper understanding of Chinese techniques has strengthened my love for these, and led me to teach (after many years of study), where I can impart my knowledge and experiences to those who love alternative medicine. I have been practicing Chinese medicine for many years in a comfortable and intimate environment, with the sole purpose of alleviating pain (physical and mental) and improving the quality of life for my fellow humans.

Nikolopoulou Katerina

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